Lordland University is founded with the motto of 'lets's go to the Power Life!', and has been aspiring and developing the potential powers that lie in its core. I am honored and proud to lead this remarkable institution. A university education prepares you for a future full of choices. Our institution offers an outstanding educational and curricular experience with both the facilities and network to guide you succeed.
Our faculty members create an exceptional learning environment and take a personal interest in your success as well. Lordland University has been established based on the love of the humankind, which transcends human races and nationalities. I am certain that you will be impressed with the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere on campus. At Lordland University, you will gain invaluable perspectives and skills that enhance the ability to compete and succeed beyond college. We look forward to meet you at Lordland University.

                                                                              Charles K. Jung, Ph.D. & Ed.D.                                                                              Chairmen/ CEO 


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