Our Mission is committed to the advancement of spiritual, intellectual, personal and professional growth of students. Lordland University extends the knowledge and activities for our students' benefit from the highest standard of scholarship.
We offer exemplary education through our undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Theology, Religious Education, and Missiology. In pursuing our goals, the university seeks to cultivate from students:
• Intellectual and academic integrity, informal ethical values
• Tolerance of social differences and diversity of cultures, and courageous aspirations towards the best for one's life, family, society, and the world at large
• Creativity in critical thinking, intellectual problem-solving rhgouth effective reading and research, clear writing, and articulate speech
• Inner drive and aptitude to exercise personal, professional, and social leadership in his/her chosen field of endeavor
• A sense of a personal joy and fulfillment
• A sensitivity to the needs of others and commitment to the betterment of humanity
The university will achieve the mission through emphasizing and supporting excellence in teaching, and also in public service consistent with the educational emphases.
In fulfilling of our mission, Lordland University recognizes the duty to:
• Maintain a learning environment that will attract and challenge outstanding students
• Prepare students to succeed in professional programs
• Provide a physical environment and support services that will help members of the university to achieve their educational goals

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