DTH101        Biblical Chronology    (4 units)
A study of the chronological questions related to such biblical area as Genesis, the Kingdom era, the Gospels, Acts and the Apostles.

DTH102        The Pastoral Epistles    (4 units)
An exposition of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus with emphasis on interpretive problems and relevance to contemporary church life.

DTH103        Textual Criticism of the New Testament    (4 units)
A brief history of textual criticism; the relative value of manuscripts; major theories of textual criticism; application of critical methods to selected passages.

DTH104        Textual Criticism of the Old Testament    (4 units)
The theory and practice of textual criticism with special attention the scrolls of Qumran and the Septuagint.

DTH105        The Life of Christ    (4 units)
A study of Christ’s earthly life using a harmony of the Gospels.

DTH106        Parables    (4 units)
The principles of interpretation of Christ’s parables, their use in contemporary preaching, and eschatological considerations.

DTH107        Revivalism    (4 units)
Biblical principles and examples of revival’ consideration of revivals throughout Christian history with emphasis upon American revivalism and evangelization.

DTH108        Pauline Theology    (4 units)
A study of the major doctrines enunciated in Paul’s epistles.

DTH109        Pietism    (4 units)
Early expressions of pietism in Roman Catholicism; Protestant pietistic movement; impact of pietism upon; modern evangelicalism.

DTH110        The Doctrine of Sanctification    (4 units)
Biblical emphasis; historical preview; implications for Christian counseling.

DTH111        Theology of Missions    (4 units)
Theology of missions and evangelism from a reformed perspective; principles of personal and corporate evangelism and cross-cultural communications of the Gospel.

DTH112        Theology and Sociology of the City    (4 units)
An examination of the city in biblical and theological perspective and an introduction to the sociology of urban systems, structures, and conditions that create problems and/or provide hope.

DTH113        Theology and the Environment    (4 units)
Explores the relationships between Christian theology- with a special emphasis on Catholic social teaching- and concern for the environment. Criticisms of Christian theologies in accordance 3with new ecological insights will also be suggested.

DTH114        Theological Issues in the Contemporary Ecumenical Movement    (4 units)
Implications of recent ecumenical discussion for Ecclesiology and Christology, and an analysis of ecumenical statements on sacraments, ministry, mission and community.

DTH115        Church Management    (4 units)
Biblical principles and practical aspects of church management; special attention to church officers and assemblies; the pastor’s role; purpose and procedures of biblical church discipline.

DTH799        Dissertation    (8 units)
Individual study in any topic relevant to business administration. The topic must be approved by the dissertation committee and the student must follow the steps as advice by his or her advisor. A student must make a progress report and present his or her work to the dissertation committee and in a seminar. Finally, the student must pass the oral defense of the dissertation.


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