GEC102      English Composition    (4 units)
The course is an intensive study of the fundamentals of English grammar, usage, diction, sentence structure, vocabulary building, punctuation, and paragraph development. The eight parts of speech and common grammatical mistakes will be studied in depth.

GEC106      World History     (4 units)
This is the study of the origins and development of major civilizations from early beginning through the renaissance period, cultural, and societal, considerations will be explored.

GEC108      Introduction to Philosophy     (4 units)
This course is a survey and critical analysis of the various systems of philosophy, philosophical ideas, and major philosophers and their theories in the light of both logic and Scripture. The coverage is from pre-Christian to modern times.

GEC109      Introduction to Sociology    (4 units)
This is an introduction to sociology analysis, studying social interaction, social processes, society, culture, social structures, and other concepts fundamental to sociological understanding.

GEC111      Biology     (4 units)
The course is designed to provide students with the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology. The goal of the course is to provide a learning environment that enables students to develop a solid understanding of the principal concepts in biology.

LDC101      Introduction to the Old Testament     (4 units)
A summary study of the organization and content of the books with special attention given to the canon and problems of authorship, dating and authenticity.

LDC102      Introduction to the New Testament     (4 units)
Study of manuscript evidence, canon, authorship, dating, organization and messages of the books.

LDC104      Philosophy of Religion    (4 units)
Study of the arguments for and against the rationality of religious beliefs and a religious worldview. It also has interest in the analysis of religious language and the clarification of the relation between religious and other sorts of explanations.

LDC105      Church and Worship     (4 units)
An introduction to the principles and practices of Christian worship. The course deals with biblical and church historical perspectives on and practices of worship.

LDC106      The Background of the Bible    (4 units)
Significant events and people of the inter testmental period; life and customs of various ethnic and religious group in the first century A.D.

LDC107      The Life of Christ    (4 units)
A study of Christ's earthly life using a harmony of the Gospels.

LDC108      Introduction to Christian Music     (4 units)
A survey to develop a practical, biblical philosophy of church music; methodology and principles for the staff or pastor.

LDC109      Introduction to Christian Ethnics    (4 units)
Structure and content of Christian ethics; goal, motive, and norm of the Christian life; analysis of technical issues of authority, life, sexuality, property and truthfulness.

LDC110      Introduction to Christian Education     (4 units)
Brief history and importance of Christian education in the local Church; organization of the Church's educational program, planning and development; leadership recruitment and training; staff relationship.

LDC111      Pastoral Ministry    (4 units)
Pastoral theology and genera pastoral care; biblical and professional standards of ministerial conduct.

BCS207       Church Administration    (4 units)
An examination of the Biblical principles of financial stewardship, fund raising and budgeting. Discussion of financial bookkeeping procedures and the use of the computer in the church.

BCS203       Missionary Life and Work    (4 units)
A study of the church mission and evangelism theological background bases on biblical foundation and its application since Christian church existed.

BTH203       Discipleship Theology     (4 units)
The nature, method and uses of Christian apologetics; a biblical response to some attacks on Christian faith.

BTH204      Introduction to World Missions    (4 units)
The nature of Man and his culture with special emphasis on the principles, history, and methodology of world-wide missions.

BTH205       Apologetics    (4 units)
The course will seek to formulate the rational basis for believing in Christian theism, with responses to objections and critiques of competing worldviews.

BTH206        Foundation of Preaching     (4 units)
A study of the techniques and fundamentals of sermon construction and persuasive delivery of expository sermons.

BTH208        Principles of Ministry Leadership     (4 units)
Investigation intro leadership theory and practice leading to the development of a bibliocentric philosophy of leadership; practice of basic leadership skills; and study of application of concepts in the Church and Para church agencies.

BTH209        Introduction to Evangelism    (4 units)
The practical examination of the theology of evangelism and discipleship with an emphasis on developing the skills of personal evangelism and equipping other to share their faith.


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