New students are oriented to the Lordland University and their respective program by the Academic Dean. During the orientation, program costs, length of the program, school policies, students rights, and other pertinent matters are discussed.

Personal Interview
Prospective students will have an opportunity of a personal interview with the president of the university.

Academic Counseling
The Dean of Academic Affair and academic advisors will conduct counseling for students concerning the details of the program. Personal counseling services are available to interested students upon requests. The advising/counseling request form is available in the Office of Registrar. In case of emergency, a full-time faculty or an administrator can be contacted. Students may be referred to professional counseling services outside of the campus, when necessary.

General Advising
General advising is provided by the Director of Student and Alumni Services. Questions regarding on housing information, schedules for public transportation, application for personal bank account, and etc. maybe asked and supervised. Contact the Office of Registrar for scheduling advising.

Tutorial Services
Tutors and academic advising are available for students at Lordland University. Students are permitted to receive on-campus tutoring by approved student tutors, faculty members, and/or other instructional personnel. All tutoring schedules will be coordinated by the Academic Office without any charge.

Disability Services
The university is committed to accommodating students with physical and learning disabilities. Accommodations and support services are managed by the Academic Dean and are tailored to meet the needs of individual students. Students wishing assistance should contact the Office of Academic Affairs or the Office of Student and Alumni Services. We recommend that incoming students with special needs contact the office in advance to arrange support services.



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