SEVIS I-20 for International Students

Lordland College issues a Form I-20 to qualifying international students. Students who wish to apply for a Form I-20 must have a proof of financial resources in order to enroll at Lordland College.
A proof of financial resources/aids should contain the coverage for both the educational and living cost, which is approximately $30,000 per year.
Students also need to submit any documents, which are necessary for a Form I-20 to be processed. Students’ enrollment will be processed once the application and supporting documents, which are listed in the next section, have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
International Students from other countries submit the following documents:
1) Application for admissions
2) An official transcript and/or diploma from the previously attended schools
3) Recommendation Letter (from Pastor, Professor, Leaders etc)
4) Personal Statement
5) 2 Passport Photos
6) Recent Bank Statement (Financial Support)
7) A copy of Passport
8) A copy of your VISA and I-94 (both front and back)
9) Application Fee: $200